Captain Stephen J. Card M.N.I.

Maritime Artist

The following paintings are from the permanent collection on board the Queen Elizabeth 2.

Reproductions of these paintings can be found on board the Queen Mary 2.

From our vantage point on the Queen Elizabeth's Boat Deck, we see the powerful Queen Mary as she steams past, homeward bound for Southampton.

Caronia, the 'Green Goddess' cruising in the Norwegian fjords.

Queen Elizabeth 2 and Britannia.

Used as an illustration for the cover of John Maxtone-Graham's book: Cunard - 150 Glorious Years.

This painting was commisioned by Cunard for their newest vessel, Queen Elizabeth, wich entered service in October 2010.

Aquitania getting underway at Southampton, summer 1934.


All images are copyright by Captain Stephen J. Card and used with permission of Captain Card and Carmania Press.

19 January 2004. Revised 31 October 2014.