Captain Stephen J. Card M.N.I.

Maritime Artist

On Ryndam, which entered service in 1994, only three paintings are on display.

Ryndam I (1901-1929) steaming out of Plymouth Sound c.1925

Ryndam II (1951-1971) outbound from New York in the summer of 1953

Ryndam III (1994-) cruising Alaska's glacier-carved fjords.

  For the new Veendam, entering service in 1996, four paintings were commissioned.

Veendam I (1888-1898) outbound for Rotterdam c.1889

Veendam II (1923-1953) passing Cloch Lighthouse starting her trials in March 1923

Veendam III (1972-1984) together with sister Volendam II in Hamilton, Bermuda on 2 September 1982

Veendam IV (1996-) arriving at a Caribbean port.


All images are copyright by Captain Stephen J. Card and used with permission of Captain Card and Carmania Press.

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