Captain Stephen J. Card M.N.I.

Maritime Artist

On Volendam you will find six paintings, three Volendam paintings and three additional ones.

Volendam I (1922-1952) cruising in the Norwegian fjords in August 1935

Volendam II (1972-1984) at sea under a moonlith sky in the summer of 1983

Volendam III (1999-) near the coast on a New England and Canada cruise

Statendam III (1929-1940) inbound for Southampton c. 1930

Noordam II (1938-1963) at sea en route to New York in late 1938

Volendam I (1922-1952) as seen from the starboard bridge wing of the Nieuw Amsterdam II in the summer of 1938.

  As there have been only three ships bearing the name Zaandam, three additional paintings have been added.

Zaandam I (1882-1897) en route for Amsterdam in early 1883

Zaandam II (1938-1942) coming to anchor in Cawsand Bay en route to Rotterdam in the summer of 1939

Zaandam III (2000-) steaming away from a Caribbean island

Nieuw Amsterdam I (1906-1932) in the Dover Straits c.1911

Spaarndam (1922-1939) near the Eddystone Lighthouse on a summer evening c. 1928

Statendam IV (1956-1983) inward bound for New York near the lightship Ambrose


All images are copyright by Captain Stephen J. Card and used with permission of Captain Card.

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