Captain Stephen J. Card M.N.I.

Maritime Artist

Zuiderdam II is the first of four Vista-class ships and entered service in December 2002.

Zuiderdam I (1940-1948) as she might have appeared if completed, on a winter day outbound for New York

Zuiderdam II at anchor off a Caribbean island.

Zuiderdijk (1912-1922) steaming through the Straits of Dover c.1914

Dubbeldam (1891-1895) at anchor in The Narrows

Statendam IV (1956-1983) seen from the Maasdam IV as the two ships pass in mid-ocean c.1959

Rotterdam V (1959-1997) sailing away from Cape Town

Oosterdam was the second of the four Vista-class ship and was officially christened in her homeport of Rotterdam on 29 June 2003 by Her Royal Highness Princess Margriet of the Netherlands, godchild of the Dutch merchant fleet.

Oosterdam on her maiden voyage, cruising the Norwegian waters.

Oosterdijk (1913-1918) at the entrance of the Nieuwe Waterweg in the summer of 1914.

Leerdam (1921-1954) pitching in a heavy swell while heading across the Atlantic towards the Florida Straits and on to Havana.

Nieuw Amsterdam II (1938-1974) making her first-ever transit of the Panama Canal on 17 March 1939.

Ryndam II (1951-1971) in the Suez Canal on her first voyage to Australia in November 1964.

Rotterdam V (1959-1997) , running up the English Channel as seen from from Maasdam IV.


All images are copyright by Captain Stephen J. Card and used with permission of Captain Card and Carmania Press.

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