Captain Stephen J. Card M.N.I.

Maritime Artist

Westerdam III is the third of four Vista-class ships and entered service on 25 April 2004.

Westerdam I (1946-1965) in the English Channel bound for New York, passing the moored lightship Varne.

Westerdam II (1988-2002), originally named Homeric (1986-1988) , cruising in Alaskan waters.

Westerdam III (2004-) on her first call at Santorini.

Westerdyk (1913-1933) outward bound for Savannah in the summer of 1914.

Westernland (1939-1943) making for New York late 1939.

Prinses Margriet (1964-1970) at sea.

Noordam IV is the line's fourth Vista-class ship and entered service in February 2006.

Noordam I (1902-1928) outward bound from New York c. 1912.

Noordam II (1938-1963) in the North Sea running official speed and acceptance trials on 15 September 1938.

Noordam III (1984-2004) on an Alaskan cruise, in the Inside Passage, southbound for Vancouver.

Noordam IV (2006-) outbound from King's Wharf in Bermuda.

Diemerdyk (1950-1968) & Dinteldyk (1957-1970) at sea.

Amsteldyk (1946-1967) outbound from Rotterdam, passing the inbound Grotedyk.


All images are copyright by Captain Stephen J. Card and used with permission of Captain Card and Carmania Press.

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