Captain Stephen J. Card M.N.I.

Maritime Artist

Eurodam is the first ship of the Signature-class and entered service in July 2008.

EURODAM outbound from Rotterdam, passing the Maas Center Buoy with the Maas Pilot cutter MARKAB on station.

ROTTERDAM in Bermuda with tender WOODSIDE c. 1938

STATENDAM arriving New York c. 1961

BLIJDENDYK heading up the North Sea to Rotterdam.

ZIJLDYK off Wolf Rock.

RYNDAM outbound for Wellington

The second ship of the Signature-class is named Nieuw Amsterdam, entering service in July 2010.



Nieuw Amsterdam I - ca 1923 outbound from Plymouth

NIEUW AMSTERDAM I  c. 1923 outbound from Plymouth past the breakwater.

Nieuw Amsterdam 2 - c 1947 black hull

Nieuw Amsterdam II
outbound from Rotterdam on 27th October 1947 on her first postwar passenger crossing.
Nieuw Amsterdam 2

Nieuw Amsterdam II
with grey hull abeam Ambrose lightvessel on passage from 
New York to Rotterdam.

Nieuw Amsterdam 3

Nieuw Amsterdam III
- 1983

Nieuw Amsterdam 4 - Venice

Nieuw Amsterdam IV
as she might appear outbound from Venice on a moonlit evening.


All images are copyright by  and used with permission of Captain Stephen J. Card.

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