Captain Stephen J. Card M.N.I.

Maritime Artist


SAGAPORAK (1919-1960s) making her way up the Hudson on a late winter afternoon c.1930, on the left background, Cunard's AQUITANIA on her way to the Chelsea piers
Southern Cross

SOUTHERN CROSS (1955-1973)
CALYPSO (1973-1980), AZURE SEAS (1980-1991), OCEAN BREEZE (1991-1999), IMPERIAL MAJESTY (1999-2004)  

TALAMANCA (1931-1964) of the United Fruit Company entering Gatun Lake in   December 1931
United States
UNITED STATES (1952-1969), still laid up in Philadelphia.
Willem Ruys
Willem Ruys

WILLEM RUYS (1947-1964)

ACHILLE LAURO (1964 - 1987)
Bermuda Clipper
PAA's Bermuda Clipper in June 1937. MONARCH of BERMUDA in the background.


s.s. Raffaello (1965 - 1975)
Sold to Iran and partially sunk in 1983.

All images are copyright by and used with permission of Captain Stephen J. Card.

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