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Please note that I DO NOT sell these books. They are available at your maritime bookshop or at the publishers.

English books

Ocean Liner Twilight

By Ted Scull. Within its 128 pages and 200 photographs, Ocean Liner Twilight captures the flavour of numerous intriguing and off-beat voyages, including a round the world trip on eight ships of six different companies in an era when traditional ocean liner travel was drawing to a close

Publisher: Overview Press

ISBN-10 0954720636

ISBN-13 9780954720636

The Saga Sisters

By Clive Harvey & Roger Cartwright. As much a history of Norwegian America Line, as it is the story of two ships, Vistafjord and Sagafjord, whose lives have been so closely intertwined. A unique and beautifully illustrated tale, by two experts on cruise and ocean liner history.


ISBN-10 0752434187

ISBN-13 9780752434186

Cruise Ships (2nd Edition)

By William Mayes. The second edition of this very popular work was published in late July 2007. Within its 272 pages it covers more than 630 ships and about 250 operators, giving brief historical information, technical details and former names.

Publisher: Overview Press

ISBN-10 0954720628

ISBN-13 9780954720629

Union Castle Line Purserette

Ann Haynes-Williams wrote home to her parents regularly and frequently during the time she served as purserette with Union Castle Line. These letters were kept and are now published in this book.

Publisher: Mallett & Bell Publications

ISBN-10 095094534X

ISBN-13 9780950945347

QE2 Britain Greatest Liner

Philip Dawson - Ian Johnston - Bruce Peter, three leading ship historians joined forces to write the definitive history of Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth 2, the world’s most famous ocean liner.

Publisher: Ferry Publications






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