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Stephen Card was commissioned to produce a collection of pictures to be hung on board the Queen Mary 2


ISBN-10 0954366646

ISBN-13 9780954366643

Holland America Line: The Spotless Fleet

This book features fine reproductions of Captain Card’s paintings of famous Holland America vessels. Most of these beautiful pictures currently hang on board Holland America ships, whilst others are in private collections.


ISBN-10 0954366654

ISBN-13 9780954366650

Ocean Liner Odyssey 1958-1969

Ted Scull experienced the staggering luxury of First Class on the French Line's LIBERTE and FLANDRE, but also the austerity of Third Class on Royal Mail Lines' AMAZON.


ISBN-10 0951865692

ISBN-13 9780951865699

Fred Olsen Line and Its Passenger Ships

A new book by Anthony Cooke is something to celebrate and the subject matter of his latest tome is a 'peach': - Fred. Olsen & Co. of Oslo. This family-controlled business is proudly Norwegian, but it also has strong British connections


ISBN-10 0954366670

ISBN-13 9780954366674

Passenger Liners Scandinavian Style

By Bruce Peter. Norway, Denmark and Sweden have produced many fine passenger ships, both for short-sea routes and for transatlantic voyages.


ISBN-10 0954366611

ISBN-13 9780954366612

Saxonia Sisters

By Clive Harvey. A fine history of SAXONIA, IVERNIA, CARINTHIA,AND SYLVANIA, the pride of Cunard's post war Canadian service, which went on to lead fascinating lives as the LEONID SLOBINOV, FEDOR SHALYAPIN, FAIRSEA,FAIRWIND, DAWN PRINCESS and ALBATROSS


ISBN-10 0953429199

ISBN-13 9780953429196

The Last White Emprsses

By Clive Harvey. The Canadian Pacific ‘White Empresses’ were Cunard’s great rivals on the route between Britain and Canada. The last three came into service between 1956 and 1961.


ISBN-10 0954366638

ISBN-13 9780954366636

Ocean Liner Chronicles

In his most enthusiastic style, Bill Miller tells the stories of 26 of the World's greatest liners, including AQUITAINE, VULCANIA, ILE DE FRANCE, BREMEN, NORMANDIE, ORION, NIEUW AMESTERDAM, the second MAURETANIA, AMERICA, HIMALAYA, UGANDA, EMPRESS OF CANADA and coming up to date with the massive new cruise ships CARNIVAL DESTINY and GRAND PRINCESS.

ISBN-10 0953429180

ISBN-13 9780953429189

RMS Queen Elizabeth: The Ultimate Ship

By Clive Harvey. This authoritatively written and lavishly illustrated history tells the story not only of the Queen Elizabeth's wartime exploits and her transatlantic heyday but also of her losing battle against the new jet airliners, her surprisingly successful foray into the cruise market, her sad and disreputable spell as a static attraction in Florida and - just as she seemed at last to be destined for new success - her tragic destruction by fire in Hong Kong harbour. This is a worthy memorial to one of the World's greatest liners.

ISBN-10 0954366689

ISBN-13 9780954366681

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